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Postby jjahuijbregts » Mon Sep 21, 2015 10:53 am

Wh00p, finally there. Thanks for the wait guys it's finally done and submitted to the asset store :D

And here's the changelog:
Settings menu updated
Added warnings and asserts to code.
Reduced / removed GC (GC Still visible in editor, not in final build)
Updated settings layout
PlayMaker Actions for stats (Get, Change and Set)
plyGame Actions for stats (Get, Change and Set)
DiaQ now supports the new currency system
UMA Items now support an unlimited amount of equipment models ( show multiple models in a single inventory pro item )
Updated UMA scene to play nice with new array based solution
Convertable items in the main item editor. All non-type specific values will be kept.
Equipment refactoring (moved to CharacterUI). If you have custom item types you'll have to add the new Equipped / UnEquipped overloads. + Events changed.
New serialization system + Saves currencies
EasySave2 uses new serialization system as well
PlayerSpawner + demo scene to spawn your player
Updated setup wizard to detect more issues.
Replacing / removing category, rarity, property on an item when deleting them.
HelpURL's for component (click the blue help icon and go directly to the website with documentation)
plyGame instance actions
Sync collection fixes + currencies support
UFPS update, unit types now remain in the inventory and are synced with UFPS events.
Database selection is now persistent, so no more database selections when you want to edit an item.
Fixed plyGame warning message when adding prefab item to inventory
Fixed UFPS Dragging bug
Factor editor fix, factor toggle box couldn't be activated.
Vendor fixes
Currency fixes ( recursive loop fix )
Lot's of code clean up
Layout crafting bugs fixed ( removing while crafting ) + standard prefab is now non-referenced.
UFPS Grenade thrower fix

Use the upgrade guide to upgrade to the new version! You have been warned :)

Note: Equippable types have slightly changed. Instead of Equip() you should now override the Equipped and UnEquipped 'callbacks' that will be fired once the equipment has already completed. To add custom equipment behavior you can override the CanEquip() method, or create a custom CharacterUI and add the behavior there.

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