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Postby jjahuijbregts » Thu Jun 11, 2015 11:44 pm

What's new

    UFPS Multiplayer support (beta)
    plyGame improvements
    Performance and cleanup
    Selectable objects
    Improved properties (add item properties and stats through the editor).
    And quite a bit more technical gibberish

A little upgrade guide to V2.1.4

For new users

Due to a bug the prefab path selector does not work properly, use the following code to fix the problem.
Please paste the following method in the SettingsEditor.cs (line 118) (InventorySystem/Scripts/Managers/Editor/InventoryEditors/Settings)

Code: Select all

public override void Draw()
                #region Path selector
                //InventoryEditorUtil.ErrorIfEmpty(EditorPrefs.GetString("InventorySystem_ItemPrefabPath") == string.Empty, "Inventory item prefab folder is not set, items cannot be saved! Click Set path to a set a save folder.");
                if (EditorPrefs.GetString("InventorySystem_ItemPrefabPath") == string.Empty)
                    GUI.color =;
                EditorGUILayout.LabelField("Inventory Pro prefab save folder: " + EditorPrefs.GetString("InventorySystem_ItemPrefabPath"));
                GUI.color = Color.white;
                if (GUILayout.Button("Set path", GUILayout.Width(100)))
                    string path = EditorUtility.SaveFolderPanel("Choose a folder to save your item prefabs", "", "");
                    EditorPrefs.SetString("InventorySystem_ItemPrefabPath", "Assets" + path.Replace(Application.dataPath, ""));
                GUI.color = Color.white;

For UFPS Users
Due to a silly mistake on my end there's now a plyGame namespace in the UFPS integration, which is of course not where it should be. When updating the asset you'll receive a compiler error, something like:
Assets/InventorySystem/Scripts/Integration/UFPS/ItemTypes/EquippableUFPSInventoryItem.cs(8,7): error CS0246: The type or namespace name `plyGame' could not be found. Are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?

To fix this problem, double click the file or open EquippableUFPSInventoryItem.cs and remove line 8, which should say:

using plyGame;

Once the line is removed, go back to unity, wait for it to re-compile, and everything should work fine again. Sorry for the inconvenience :?


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