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Postby jjahuijbregts » Thu Jul 23, 2015 7:02 pm

Update v2.2.1

Alright, finally done with the new currency system! I made my life a little harder by adding some extra features. Currencies can now be auto. convert to others. For example:

There's regular conversions that can be used through the API, but there are also auto. conversion. For example you might have Gold, Silver and copper. Gold is worth a 100 silver, and 1 silver is worth 1 copper. You can set up the conversions to auto. convert between the currencies when 1 runs out.

You have 1 gold 0 silver and 0 copper and would like to buy an apple for 5 copper. Which converts the gold down to 0 gold 99 silver and 95 copper.

Also, because of the simple API you can use payment processors to re-fill specific currencies.

A thing to note:
Because of the new currency system currencies are no longer serialized (saved / loaded). This will be re-supported in a future update.

And lastly, because I'll be going on vacation soon support will be limited, because of this I'll drop the pro price down to $40 to keep it fair.

And the changelog :)

----- V2.2.1
- Added equipHelper for InventoryPlayer
- Setup wizard update, now checks item holders
- Triggerers now have an extra method to send the player as well (for future multiplayer support)
- Better collection restrictions getting started, elements can also be re-used for filters
- Added setup wizard issues to main editor window
- Added InfoBoxUI option to avoid hiding it.
- More advanced generator with groups
- Unified objectTriggerers system (3rd perseon and 1st person)
- (plyGame) Added 3 blox events that can be used with temp variables ( get category, categoryID and itemTypeName )
- stringFormat for properties to allow showing the max value as well
- Custom raycasting solution, OnMouseEnter and Exit don't work all that well with UI
- Added hotspot control for cursors.
- Vendor and Lootables can now use editor to configure the generator.
- New currency system
- Currency update & removed all old currency systems like formatters
- Updated singletons on managers to handle editors as well
- Adding currency to the bank

- UFPS refactoring
- Renamed InventoryContextMenuItem to InventoryContextRowUI
- Updated Behavior designer tasks to handle changes
- Fixed bug in MyCustomCollectionTriggerer (instantiating items)
- Category editor fix
- Fixed build error "ItemRarities".
- multiple InventoryItemBase components fixed (undo bug in editor)
- Drag handler cleanup
- Range fix (clicking on triggerers)
- Dragging fix when window closes
- Equipment positioning fix (equipment editor)
- Fixed UFPS Multiplayer bugs + updated scenes to handle new currency system
- Item picker fix for rarities

Known issues:
- Dialog needs some updating to reflect the currency. (Add currency dialog?)
- Currencies are not saved due to the new system.

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Re: V2.2.1

Postby varthlokkur » Thu Aug 27, 2015 7:28 pm

Just an FYI for anyone updating from an older version to 2.2.1 or 2.2.2

Change your InventoryUIItemWrapper script to use InventoryUIItemWrapperStatic script
Or your icons will probably disappear on drag
see here

You may or may not need to make new UIwindows, Chests or Vendors
I ended up remaking new chests and vendors from the Web Demo scene.
Could not figure out why I was getting the error when the Manger was set and pointing to the correct UIwinows.

You must have at least 1 currency type or disable the dialog. I never had any currency type.
If you don't you will receive the Object not set to an instance error every time you open a vendor
Happens even if the UIwindow is set in the manager.
Vendor Dialog may or may not pop up but it will not function.
Also the vendor may populate with proper amount of items slots but only the first slot has an item icon.

You must have at least 1 rarity type or disable the dialog.
All of my rarities were deleted from the database. Did not even notice.
Create or re make them.
If you don't you will may receive the Object not set to an instance error every time you open a chest.
Happen even if the UIwindow is set in the manager.
Also the vendor may populate with proper amount of items slots but only the first slot has an item icon.

Always check that your managers are pointing to the correct UIwindow.
Use the Web Demo scene Manager as a reference. It has all but 1 set i think.
If/When using the Setup Wizard make sure you name your Inventory Pro Manager gameobject to "_Manager"
If you dont you will get many errors.

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