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BIG NEWS: Moving to Discord

Posted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 1:07 pm
by jjahuijbregts
In a few days, we'll be turning the forum to "Read Only"-mode, as we've decided to move the community and support for the assets to Discord instead.

Why, you may ask?
First and most importantly, since Discord is a server and channel-based chat, it allows for faster messaging back and forth, meaning that we'll be able to respond much faster in case you're having any issues with any Devdog product.

Additionally, you can very easily direct message other members and tag Sune and I, as well as other members if you have any questions or suggestions.

Additionally, we want to take the community to the next level, and Discord has proven to be an amazing platform to do that on.

We hope you'll all join us on Discord:

In case you should be wondering, we'll not be deleting any old posts and threads, but if you have any unanswered questions, we kindly ask you to take them to Discord instead, and we'll have a look at them there! :)