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Postby jjahuijbregts » Mon Dec 07, 2015 2:13 pm

Version 2.3.1 - Time for another update :)

Requirement triggers (Triggers can now have property requirements in order to trigger them)
Getting started window + version number
Added trigger affector (add traps, damage reduction, areas with effect, etc)
CharacterUI now uses the new InventoryStatContainer that can be re-used on other objects / creature as well.
- IInventoryCharacterStat interface for stats to allow custom implementations.
- Character stats now grabbed from stats container (Old methods deprecated)
Updated dialogue system integration
Playmaker events ( )
New playmaker actions
Crafting audio sources - Audio clips are now set in category and can be overwitten in crafting category to give each category a unique audio set. + contious audioclip.
Vendors can now have "inventories" - When items are sold they can be added directly to the vendor's buy page.
InfoBox.HandleItemTrigger now protected virtual to allow overriding
Abstraction in pouch to allow overriding generator
Setting currency stack size now affects the currency amount. Useful for generators to generate a N amount of currency.
Better warning messages for InventoryItemUtility, plus character collection no longer required (not assertion, but debug)
Extra warnings on InventoryManager to notify users when trying to add items without actually having assigned any collections
Extra check in ObjectTriggererBase + ObjectTriggererFPSUI now has string format to allow customization of key press text format
Equippable items now always go for the first slot and use the manually defined collection order when equipping.
Manually define collections now scan the container for wrappers and use the hierarchy order.
CharacterUI CharacterStats are now protected, use the GetStat() method instead
Equippable inventory item assertions to catch bugs before they manifest
Dialogue new quest item to start a quest (use item to start quest)
Start craft event
New input system to limit input to specified gameObjects to avoid input on triggers when in full-screen UI elements.

Crafting blueprint editor fixes
Draggable window to Screen.width / height instead of camera pixel width / height
Cleanup - Removed lightmap snapshot from controller scene - Crashed asset import somehow
Icon drag fix for camera space (Editor is bugged, but builds work fine?) + Marked Update of skillbar virtual to allow custom actions
Item duplication fixed (reference objects duplicated)
Vendor UI fixed in
Setupwizard fix
Lootable objects & generator stacks always 1 - fixed

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