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Postby jjahuijbregts » Thu Feb 04, 2016 8:49 am

Playmaker scene udpate
Updated playmaker actions + new actions (now use playmaker variables) fixes #170
loot window now has currency fields (currency no longer placed as items, but in special UI element)
Player death support ( player.NotifyPlayerDied() ) -> Creates drop object with all items and currencies (fixes #164)
OnTriggerUnUse renamed to OnTriggerUnUsed and OnTriggerUse to OnTriggerUsed
Item utility helper methods to enforce max stack size (splits stacks)
LootUI hide on empty
Removed "force save in collection" for crafting
TryAdd for counter now handles items exceeding max stack
itemCollectionBase.isEmpty (checks items and currencies)
interface for key triggerer (skillbar wrappers) instead of enforced type
Updated plyGame + UIWindowField allows to search for windows dynamically (by window name)
plyGame scene update + plyGame skill item type
Disabled equippableFields are now ignored. - Allows creator to programmatically enable / disable fields. (Example: allowing the player to unlock another equip field) fixes #167
InventoryPlayerSpawner can now move the player to the spawn position on scene start
New crafting system (Allows to share progress between instance, category or as a singleton). + Reward collections to store the items into (Beta).
Convert UIWindow to UIWindowInteractive button in editor
PlayMaker changestat action added - fixes #178
canPutItemsInCollection notification in adder
Trigger stat affector now uses coroutines to avoid a lot of inactive Update calls
CanUnEquipItem for equippable item types to allow for overloading
InventoryItemBase cooldown has been moved to NotifyItemUsed - Item won't go into cooldown until this is called.
Changed all craft events to new CraftInfo + Crafting system now shares the progress containers properly between crafting stations
Sync collection now just copies all wrappers without requiring another collection (only wrappers move)
Crafting UIModels methods renamed to Repaint instead of Set for consistency
Crafting categories now have icons
Item categories now have icons
New InventorySceneUtility that handles deprecation's
Audio manager ignores mixer group of other managers are not present in the scene.
Collection restrictions are enforced on vendor to avoid strange set ups
Looting update, no longer requires specific looting type
playmaker fsm's AddCurrency
Cleaned up dialogs

Unstack problem fixed (fixes #165)
Fixed characterUI Drag bug
InventoryManager lists not initialized before awake
Color and sprites for character stats fixes #173
Consumable items that couldn't be stored were used when "Use move to bank" was enabled.
onShowActions invoked twice on UIWindow's fixes #181
Stat affector update, wasn't fired when OnEnter wasn't used
skillbar unlimited usage fixed
Sync collection - copy wrappers back to original collection ( fixes #180 )
Fixed controller support scene + trigger visualizer now doesn't stutter / blink anymore

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Re: V2.4

Postby mephistophel » Sun Feb 07, 2016 12:14 pm

Just I wanted to post a subject about a mistake with double start onShowActions. I am glad to see that it is already corrected. Thanks!

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