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Postby jjahuijbregts » Thu Jul 09, 2015 12:11 pm

What's new?

Features / Refactoring:

* Added Unstack to InventoryItemBase class + Basic item generator cleanup
* Code cleanup
* Re-structured entire project
* OnAdded and OnRemoved events are now fired when using SetItems()
* Moved all event subscribers to MonoBehaviour.Start() instead of Awake(). This way events won't be fired for Awake initializations ( saving / loading, initial items, etc )
* Warnings in managers, windows, etc. fields are not assigned.
* Removed ObjectTriggererHandler, re-factored entire workflow (use setup wizard to upgrade).
* Updated editors to make text more readable
* Renamed property's uiColor to color + added warnings for colors with an alpha of 0 in editors.
* Added support for Undo / Redo in items editor
* Custom item and collection conditionals ( ... onditions/ )
* Moved player specific code to InventoryPlayerManager
* Better properties + property editor ( percentages, base values, events )
* UIWindow Notifies for events + delay features for UI
* Drag accepter clean up
* Warnings messages for: Vendor, lootable, crafting, InventoryPlayer, item and language databases
* Added custom conditionals on collection and items ( ... onditions/ )
* Added extra managers for separation of concern
* Added alwaysTriggerGold pickup on collision to settings
* Converted all image PSD files to JPG / PNG's to keep asset size small.
* InventoryPLayerRangeHelper now handles the triggerers in range + Triggerers have base class that handles basic elements + Basic controller loot support (needs improvement)
* Controller support
* Best triggerable item based on closest / angle to player's forward.
* Triggerers now share a base class (ObjectTriggererBase)
* Setup wizard for easy setup.
* Renamed InfoBox to InfoBoxUI for consistency, InventoryItemInfoRow that is not tied to any UI specific features.
* Namespaced standard assets to Devdog.InventorySystem.StandardAssets to avoid conflicts with already existing standard assets. + Stripped most of the standard assets, only using the controllers.
* Settings menu (hide windows on press (escape))
* Updated MyMonster to handle window
* Renamed InventoryEditorUtil to InventoryEditorUtility for consistency
* Draggable windows can now be brought to the foreground / send to the back ( move to foreground on select )
* UIShowStat to show any stat from any player anywhere on the screen with auto. repaint.
* Improved UIWindow / pages system
* Animation and method helpers for the interface, for more control and the ability to add animations / delays.
* More consistent namespaces


* Fixed UFPS Window counter for already visible windows
* UFPS unit type items now use stack size instead of a custom unit amount variable.
* Fixed drag accepter on level load bug. ( The object of type 'InventoryDragAccepter' has been destroyed but you are still trying to access it. )
* Added search for wrappers in item collection editor
* plyGame events fixes ( null check )
* ObjectTriggererHandler always fires hover events, even when PickupOnMouseClick is disabled
* Crafting windows no longer throw an error when no categories are in the scene.
* Fixed FPS hovering keycode not refreshing
* InventoryUIUtility event null reference fix
* Fixed visual item equipment swapping bug (swapping items caused it to appear in both places).
* Vendor buy back bug fix

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